Monday, 28 January 2008

Oval citrine and amethyst cocktail ring

Oval Citrine cocktail ring with a four claw setting and trillion Amethysts handmade in 18ct white gold.

Citrine (14 x 10mm), Amethyst (9mm). Total stone weight approx. 11.28cts. This handmade Cocktail ring can be made with any colour combination.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

A white background version of one of my favourite designs. Bespoke engagement ring with brilliant cut and trilliant cut diamonds and white gold. I recently photographed this for our website and jewellery design portfolio. Another version of this ring:

Monday, 21 January 2008

Black and white diamond cow brooch

No really! This had to be commissioned by a serious bovine enthusiast.

Black and white diamond cow grazing on a field of emeralds! (Ruby poppies) I photographed it for our bespoke brochure and website The brooch is over 4cm across and remains totally unique.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Edwardian style sapphire and diamond ring

Edwardian style diamond and sapphire flower ring. 1.30cts old brilliant cut diamond central stone with half-moon sapphires, brilliant cut diamonds and millgrained platinum setting. I photographed this for our brochure and website

We recreated this ring from an old design... so although it looks old... it is in fact all new save for the old cut diamond in the centre.

Old cuts diamonds like this one are the precursors to the modern brilliant cuts we are all familiar with. They have less facets than the modern cut and (due to age) tend to look a little off-white!

Brilliant cut with double emeralds

This was a tricky one... never done this design before and the client and I spent many hours musing about all the different shapes etc before settling on this design.

Old heirloom brilliant cut diamond given a new lease of life with unique design double step-down baguette cut emerald shoulders. Photographed for and portfolio.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond Eternity Ring, originally uploaded by rmrayner.

It doesn't get much simpler or more fun than this eternity ring..... excellence and perfect symmetry with baguette cut diamonds all the way round.

Triple ceylon sapphire diamond cluster engagement ring

This ring has been made by us many times... because my colleague loves it so much she's commissioned at least three versions.

Asscher (Square Emerald) cut diamond engagement ring

This ring is so popular on my Flickr page it is my most viewed image with well over 3,500 views.

A very expensive ring... but once a year someone wants us to make something like it.

Diamond set rose gold rings

Diamond set rose gold rings, originally uploaded by rmrayner.

These are our new wedding and engagement ring sets... diamond side-set rose gold rings with marquise diamonds in the engagement rings... cool aren't they?

Emerald cut ruby with step-down baguettes

This ring came back for a service and setting check after a few years on the finger... but our workshop took one look at it and noticed that the ruby was cracked right through from being hit (hard!). A great shame. If it had gone into the ultrasonic cleaner it would have broken in half.

Fortunately it isn't a difficult stone to replace.

Jewellery through design, creation and photography

This blog will follow the progress through the year as I work on designs from origination right through to photographing the finished product.