Thursday, 2 April 2009

SpRING is Sprung! A guide to getting engaged.

After the long winter of gloomy weather and gloomier economic downturn a step-change is detectable in the air. It's nearly Easter, the weather is warming up so it must be 'Engagement Season' when a young man's fancy turns to... settling down! This year, more than any other, everyone needs a reason to celebrate and one of the best celebrations around is a wedding day.

Here's a short guide to Stage 1.

The first thing to get right is to very carefully choose the correct arrangements for popping the question . Too many people don't plan it out properly and end up "bottling it" (British) or "choking" (North American). If you've planned it all out in advance with your engagement ring, venue and proposal less can go wrong. This is an occasion to be enjoyed not feared!

Bespoke Engagement Rings | Photo 02
Bespoke jewellery allows the proposer to find exactly the right design. It's important to get the right advice when choosing the design. If in doubt ask an expert, and enlist the help of a friend if required. Remember that the ring is going to be worn forever so it needs to be practical and of a timeless design. Spend what you are comfortable with.... and then a bit more so you are really happy with it! Why have a Vauxhall if you really wanted a Mercedes?

The next stage is to smuggle the engagement ring to your preferred location. If this means travelling abroad (Lake Como is popular this time of year) remember to put the ring and box into your hand luggage and not your pocket; when you invariably get searched your plans will be in ruins.

Now make that proposal at the specific moment you have decided on. If you need another person to set things up for you make sure that you keep it simple for them. Especially if you don't speak the same language.

Finally do not come back home with the ring still in the box. Failure is not an option... you've spent too much money and everyone needs a party to go to!

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